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Personal Cancer Researcher

Precision match your health data with all available therapies, drugs and clinical trials.

Across Care Timeline

Manage your cancer journey by safely storing and controlling all your health data in one spot.

Benefit From Your Health Data

The industry makes gains medically and financially from your health data. We believe you should too.

Go Long On Life 

Cancer is more than the fight of your life, it’s the fight for longevity. And that starts with taking back control of your health data and quality of care. The truth is every cancer is unique, yet the vast majority of people with cancer are treated with a one-size-fits-all care plan. The best way to save and extend your life is with precision medicine – personalized treatments tailored to the clinical and genetic data of your specific cancer. 

Unfortunately, over 85% of people battling cancer don’t have access to the latest in precision oncology. We believe your address should have not determination on your outcome. Everyone should have the same chance at life and longevity. That why Ongev is giving every person with cancer their own 24/7 Personal Cancer Researcher for free.

With the latest in machine learning, Ongev continuously searches for the ‘needle in a haystack’ that best matches your health data, enabling you and your doctor to discover and evaluate the right precision treatments for each stage of your cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

how much does ongev cost?

Ongev is free for every person and family battling cancer. Our mission is to democratize precision medicine for everyone.

Is my Health data safe?

Ongev is HIPAA-complient, and all transmitted data is 2048-bit TLS/SSL encrypted using the HL7 FHIR health standard,

What do I need to use Ongev?

Ongev works on any modern Internet browser, and a free app will also be available for download on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Do I Control My data?

With Ongev, you have complete control of your health data. Nothing can be accessed or shared without your express permission.